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Platesmashing.com exists to promote and share Greek traditions and to let others share their opinions through articles and features.

We aim to bring you the best and most relevant information through our articles and features, which are written by our columnists who are experts in their field. If you are interested in becoming a columnist please CONTACT US.

We help promote Greek businesses, charity organisations and groups. If you have any events you would like to promote please CONTACT US.

Our columnists keep our readers up-to-date with everything happening in our community. You will find everything from legal advice, fitness and health tips to recipes and much more.

We also source Professional Greek Dancers for any events and also dancing instructors to help you prepare for a special event and can supply plates for smashing.

Due to our ongoing success and expansion Platesmashing.com has been refined so as to further increase the boundaries of our reach and to do more for the Greek Community.

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