Smokeless Charlie: Beating the Craving

Four months, one hundred and twenty days or a third of a year,

whichever phrase one cares to use, that is how long I have managed to stay away from cigarettes.

 It hasn’t been easy. A month ago my willpower was tested to the limit, what with issues in and out of work, everything seemed to be conspiring to push me towards that jailer of millions, Mr Nicotine.

However, with the help of my family, I managed to fight it off and I now feel more hopeful that the future will not include me smoking. My children remind me every few days how proud they are of me and that keeps me going, when they look up and smile at me… how could I ever let them down?!

I did snap at them recently though, saying that they are driving me to start smoking again and my four year old son burst into tears. After drying his eyes and a quick hug, I assured him that I would stay smoke free, which brought a huge grin across his face and off he ran to play with his toy cars.

I have found that craving for a ciggie only lasts a few minutes and as long as I have tasks to work on, the craving quickly subsides and I then forget about having a puff.

The last three weeks have been a lot easier to cope. I find that for five out of every seven days I don’t even think about cigarettes, the other two are not as easy but the time between cravings is getting longer every week. I still pop outside occasionally and stand with the smokers, keeping up a routine seems to help.

To all of you who are trying to give up, please stay strong and you will succeed. As long as you want to quit then you will. Get in touch and share your tips below!

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About the author
Smokeless Charlie is a family man first and an absolute football nut. Whilst he loves his poker he has decided smoking now is too much of a gamble. He has been smoking for over a quarter of a century and has now seen the light. Founder of Babygrowers Discount Card, a service to help families with young children or babies access online discounts all year round.

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